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¿Quienes Somos?

Sydyg is a team of passionate visionaries who aim to change the world of Crypto forever brought together by CEO Ramiro Faro. Based in Mexico, we’ve been working together since 2017 to further discover and innovate the usage an application of blockchain technology. Our team is brought together by professionalism and operates in a variety of fields, from developing through marketing to graphic design. We’ve worked on various successful projects together; you can find out more about them by visiting the links in the “What We Do” section.

Que Hacemos

SYDYG acquired ownership of ILCOIN’s source code in August of 2017. The company aimed at continuing the development of the unique blockchain technology developed by the ILCOIN team. SYDYG has worked together with ILCOIN on various projects aimed at revolutionizing crypto and introducing it to new markets every day. SYDYG is also responsible for the decentralization of ILCOIN when SYDYG uploaded the source code to GitHub.

Nuestros Proyectos


The ILCOIN blockchain is a revolutionary on-chain data storage system. It was developed to provide a strong foundation for the ILCOIN cryptocurrency, and to open up a wide range of possibilities for extremely safe yet transparent data storage. It aims to establish various smart contract systems and launch innovative decentralized applications running on their blockchain systems.

Age of ILCOIN VR Game

The Age of ILCOIN Retribution is a virtual reality game set in a futuristic sci-fi action setting based around the ILCOIN technology that gives it its name. Therefore, ILCOINS (ILC) are the ultimate treasures in the game. Players become “The Miners” and their mission will be to earn and protect their coins. The world of the game is an ideal setting for cryptocurrency and players complete missions to mine and defend the coins from the main antagonist, “The Boss”


Wrapped ILCOIN (WILC) is the latest coin in the DeFi revolution developed by Sydyg and the ILCOIN team. After many months of intense research and development, the ILCOIN cryptocurrency is finally open for liquidity pools. ILCOIN users can trade directly with WILC, which is an ERC-20 token and can be used on DEXs for DeFi yield farming.

Command Chain Protocol (C2P)

Command Chain Protocol is an innovative and extremely effective central defensive system realized via a decentralized process. C2P helps dissuade further hacking attempts and has successfully tested to completely prevent 51% attacks

RIFT Protocol

The aim of RIFT Protocol is to put an end to the scalability issue of blockchain systems. It is a radical solution that makes storing data on chain possible. As a result, RIFT protocol has increased the competitiveness of ILCOIN on the market for the long run.

Decentralized Cloud Blockchain

The Decentralized Cloud Blockchain (DCB) is the world’s first data storage platform based on a decentralized blockchain system. DCB relies on storing data using an on-chain system. This solution opens up new dimensions for the potential of using blockchain. The high business potential of the platform is proved by its ability for transparent on-chain based data storage.

Command Chain Consensus Protocol (C3P)

Command Chain Consensus Protocol (C3P) is ILCOIN’s Defensive Blockchain System. C2P’s next upgrade places a special emphasis on transforming the current state of the blockchain – which possesses decentralized defensive systems – into a safe, secure structure. With, C3P makes structured consensus theory become a reality while providing a high level of security to eliminate possible attacks.